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WireUP was a German startup that offered a brand new technology to revolutionize the IoT world. The patented software architecture enabled a cloud-free mesh network to connect everyone to everything. Using an easy-to-use app, customers could connect and control their smart devices from anywhere. CREATEBRILLIANCE was responsible for the WireUP branding, app and website.
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The screens show different stages of prototypes and concepts for the app, which was intended to be usable on smartphones, tablets and desktops. The smartphone and tablet app was built using the Ionic framework. Using the Ionic framework, a single app could be programmed, regardless of the specific requirements of the underlying operating system (e.g., Android or IOS) and programming language. Instead, the app could be built using HTML/CSS and JavaScript.

The Logo.

Devices that use WireUP technology should be clearly identifiable. Therefore, a unique symbol in the shape of a W was created, inspired by the well-known Bluetooth symbol. With a unique and easily identifiable symbol at the beginning of the WireUP lettering, the rest of the lettering follows a more minimalist approach. Two different colors were used to separate the two words "Wire" and "UP". In addition, the U was designed in an ascending shape. To easily convey the core message of the WireUP technology, the logo was finalized with the three slogans "connect", "everyone" and "everything".
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Screens of the finalized working prototype, built with the Ionic framework.

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